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  • Artur Volk

JDM Auto Expo at Old Bridge Township Raceway Park New Jersey

It was a hot day, but the JDM Auto Expo at Old Bridge Township Raceway Park in New Jersey was amazing. We saw many cool builds and did a lot of interviews for Motormia AI.

The creativity and dedication of the JDM community were fantastic. Each car, with its custom paint jobs and tuned engines, had its own story. The quality of the builds was really impressive.

This time, I was busy with interviews, but I hope to have more time for photos at the next event. I want to capture more of these awesome cars.

A big shoutout to the organizers, Showcase & Company x High Intake Performance, for putting together such an incredible event.

For those interested in high-resolution images, you can get the full-size photos via the Dropbox link below. No registration needed—just click “Continue without signing up.”

If you’d like to show your support, you can say thanks via Zelle to my number 929-842-6688. Or, tag me in your photos on Instagram—my account is @ivolk.

Also, if you need a personal photoshoot, hit me up! I’d love to capture your unique builds and moments.

Thanks to everyone for a great event. See you at the next one!


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